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More Products. Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Mac Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a game of adventure, in which a third-person should escape from the infamous Castle, beat the foes and dig out the dark secret by using a variety of weapons.


Equipped with numerous German locations In order to succeed, you have to traverse through German villages with supernatural forces, hidden crypts, forests, air bases, arsenal, biology labs, and other deadly locations. Recommended Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. Download Download. Hot Articles Nero for Mac? They're downloading.

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Data Recovery for Mac Recover lost files on Mac 4 Modes to recover lost or deleted files from Mac quickly, safely and thoroughly. Download Now Download Now. I have the Mac version but never tried installing it on an Intel Mac. It's possible there are other bugs that prevent it from being playable on current hardware and OS versions.


I assume what poster is producing is a x86 native binary with patches and bug fixes. Did some googling and found this. I haven't tried it out to confirm but it was one of many results.

I hope we're not busting the OP's bubble : I think what he's doing is really cool regardless. Yes, I have a mac copy on my computer at the moment.

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It runs kinda bad, but I'm on an original macbook and it's a bit underpowered. I'm with this guy, I'm not entirely sure how to open this.

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Where can I get those? You need to have the official cd-rom and then you can reuse the media files to play it. I'm only providing binaries.

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The source code is GPL now, so you can do what you want with it. This isn't remotely piracy. Cake Day.

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