Can we install mac os on dell inspiron n5010

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Mac OS X installation on Dell Inspiron n

Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. I am using a Dell Inspiron N for more than a year.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to install macOs Sierra on Any Dell Laptop

Now all my data inside the logical drive is gone and I cannot access the other partitions too. I tried to use Windows restore session, but it is of no use.

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Anyhow, I can reinstall the operating system, but how to perform lost data recovery at the earnest. Dell Inspiron N makes use of a normal hard drive for data storage. These hard drives are very sensitive to power fluctuations and malfunctions. At the time of scanning, if the scanner program finds something unusual or if the hard drive volume does not provide any support to the scanner, then the chkdsk error occurs.

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Even if the scanning program fails while traversing the secondary drive, it results in OS corruption. On formatting Dell Inspiron N hard drive the old file system and the index pointers pointing to the actual data inside the hard drive will be cleared and the links between the actual data hash tables and index pointers are broken as well. If a well-designed recovery utility like Remo Recover Windows is used then it is easier to restore data from formatted Dell Inspiron N hard drive. This tool can even perform data recover after multiple format effortlessly.

Similar to these conditions there are situations where you may be taken away from your most needed data from Dell Inspiron N A few of them are:. Do not wipe or defragment the hard drive until the recovery process is done.