Pc to mac migration troubleshooting

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  4. Transferring Files and Preferences from PC to Mac Using Migration Assistant!
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Migration Assistant is a utility by Apple Inc. As of OS X Lion and later, it can also migrate contacts, calendars, and email accounts and other files from Microsoft Windows. It may be used multiple times to copy only applications, user account s , or settings. Its primary purpose is to duplicate the contents and configuration of an existing computer user account s on a new one.


The Migration Assistant does not transfer the operating system of the old computer to the new one. Similarly, applications and utilities bundled by Apple with the operating system e. This process might need to be repeated until chkdsk reports no issues. Download this version.

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Permission required to use any content or RSS feeds from this website. The content on TechAdvisory. Learn more how you can take advantage of this original content within a suite of marketing services at one low monthly price. Well, you're in luck; making the move to the Mac doesn't require tossing out all of your Windows data and files.

What Is Target Disk Mode?

For the most part, all of your Windows user data, including documents, pictures, music, and videos, can make the journey to the Mac without too much trouble. Your Windows applications, however, will have to stay behind. They depend on a Windows operating system, and won't run directly on a Mac.

But don't worry; if there's an application that you just can't live without or that doesn't have a Mac equivalent, there are ways to run a Windows environment on a Mac.

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How to Fix Mac Migration Assistant Stuck or Frozen - EaseUS

You'll need to either dual-boot your Mac between Windows and the Mac OS , or run third-party virtual machine software. You can find an outline of how to run Windows using your Mac in the guide:. For now, let's focus on moving your user data to your new Mac, so you can get back to work or have a bit of fun. The easiest method is to have an Apple retail store move your Windows data for you.

If macOS’s Migration Assistant fails, here are other ways to move accounts

If you purchase your Mac at an Apple retail store, and you happen to show up with your PC, store staff will move the data for you, as part of the Mac setup process. Of course, for this method to work, you need to plan ahead. You must have your Windows machine with you when you buy a Mac, and you must be willing to wait. Depending on how busy the store is, the wait could be as little as an hour, or as long as a day or more.

You can speed things up by calling ahead and making an appointment to purchase a Mac.

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Be sure to mention that you also want to transfer your data from your Windows machine. Apple store staff will set up a time, and give you an estimate of how long the process will take. If you're not good at planning ahead or hanging around an Apple retail store doesn't appeal to you, there are a couple of do-it-yourself options for migrating your PC data to your Mac. Your new Mac will include a Migration Assistant that was originally designed to make it easier to upgrade from one Mac model to another.

You connect two Macs using a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable or a network connection and then use the Migration Assistant to copy user data, applications, and system settings to the new Mac. With the advent of OS X Lion