Seagate portable hard drive not recognized mac

Fortunately, in this article, you can find out how to fix the unrecognized Seagate external hard drive and how to recover data from unrecognizable hard drives easily.

Seagate external hard drive cant be read in macos sierra

Seagate hard drives, such as portable hard drives, external hard drives, hard drives for Mac, etc. However, they are prone to be damaged or corrupted as well. And it's quite common for a Seagate external hard drive to become unrecognized by your Mac all of a sudden and leave you all at sea.

You may be wondering "Why my Seagate external hard drive is not recognized by the Mac? To fix the unrecognized Seagate external hard drive on Mac, the very first thing is to check whether it's the USB port's issue. Plug in the drive to another USB port or a different computer, and check if the drive is recognized, detected or shows up on Mac. If yes, congratulations.

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Both the external hard drive and the data on it are secure. But to access files on this drive, you need to move forward to do some basic checks and try out the solutions according to your situations. But for many Mac users, when they can't find their disk drives in Finder or on the desktop, they would say the drive is not recognized by the computer. But actually, most of the time, even if a Seagate external hard drive doesn't show up in Finder, it still can be found in Disk Utility. When a hard drive is plugged into a Mac, the first impression for most users is that the icon of this drive will show up on the desktop and in Finder.

But why your Seagate external hard drive is not showing up in Finder or on the desktop?

Indeed, it is because you haven't set up your Mac to do so. Step 2: Select "External disks" under "Locations", and then your Seagate external hard drive will show up in Finder. Step 2: Tick "External disks" to show the Seagate external hard drive on the desktop.

Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Detected Error

If the Seagate external hard drive shows up in Disk Utility but is just not mounted, it at least means the drive is recognized by your Mac. Mounting a hard disk makes it accessible by the computer, enabling the operating system to read and write to files on the disk. Most of the time, the operating system will automatically mount your disk when you connect your USB drive to this Mac, but you if you find the Seagate external hard drive unmounted in Disk Utility, you have two solutions.

You can simply right-click this external hard drive in Disk Utility, and choose Mount or click the Mount button on the top of the window. You will be able to access your files if it can be mounted successfully. Fortunately, there is a native disk repair tool called Disk Utility on your Mac and you can repair this external hard drive with the following steps. If First Aid failed to repair this drive, the file system or the partition table of this external hard disk could be corrupted. In this case, reformatting is a feasible method to fix the corrupted file system or partition table.

However, it will also erase all data stored on it. So, to avoid unnecessary data loss, you should firstly make sure you have a copy of data backup or recover files from this drive with reliable data recovery software. Moreover, this program supports file recovery from hard drives of Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Samsnug, etc.

Generally, it can recover data from formatted, unmountable, inaccessible, unreadable or corrupted hard drives. And the macOS Step 2: Select the Seagate external hard drive and click "Next" button to scan for all the lost data.

Step 3: Double-click to preview your images, videos, word files, etc. And how much time does it take to format.

Recover Data from Seagate External Hard Drive Which Is Unreadable on Mac

How does one tell that a port is dead?? If the volume is on, when I put something in the usb port, my windows pc makes a ka-thunk noise. Then the name shows up in one of the drives. Also, in my case, if I plug in a nano, an icon of a nano shows up on itunes. I do happen to have a dead drive and if I plug a thumb drive or nano into it, nothing happens.

No noise, etc. I dont want to format it as it contains extremely imp data. Awaiting reply. Does the author have a Boot Camp installation on a Mac? It looks totally like mine. Note that everything except C: has no file system listed. My external hard drive is nearly full and is readily recognisable on my Windows 8. Are you telling me I have to format the drive to be able to see it on Windows 10? I downloaded all from a computer that is now in repair and my old computer won't read it, so now what?

Every other forum and bit of info google found never worked! Tried this and 'Hey Presto' first time! Re formating as i write this!..

Much lv n respect max kudos! Forever eternily greatful! Thank you for taking the time to write this guide. My smart tv recognized my external hard drive, but my laptop didn't. I have a lot of important files on that drive.

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  • Luckily, I tried uninstallation. When I plugged it in for reinstall, it's now working on my devices.

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    Thanks again. A lots of thanks to you brother Chris Hoffman for your guide, I was having a problem with my external hdd I just follow your article above and now my external hdd is working well.

    Part I: Why does the Seagate external hard drive not recognized on Mac?

    So I tried this and none of my USB ports are working. You might consider warning people about the risk of erasing all of their data higher up on the page. I followed your advice step by step and lost all of the files on my external drive, only THEN to see the warning that this would happen. This has now cost me two days of work while my computer was being used by an IT person to retrieve the files, as well as whatever he will charge me for doing so. How are we going to save files..

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    To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer. I tried to reconnect many times Earlier my external drive was detected and using for a while,now it is not showing up. I checked in diskmgmt. What should I do now. Seggate , with dell insprion My hard drive works now but the terabyte of data I had on there has vanished. The HDD is also split into 4 different sub-folders now. Flash Drive was already formatted FAT Any other ideas? It is recognized on my other desk top computers.

    Thank You for your help. Awesome, it's fixed. My LG G4 was suddenly not being recognised by my pc, I had to reinstall the driver, windows did it automatically when I followed your instructions.